If you think I owe you my vote because I recycle and enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird, you're not going to work very hard to keep it. That's particularly true if the only standard you think you need to worry about is not being worse than Donald Trump, which is almost the same as no standard at all.

    There's nothing particularly radical about not taking money from companies you think you might need to regulate someday. And there's nothing particularly centrist or "realistic" about taking that same money.

    It's not going to be me, that's for sure. Am I an egotist for being annoyed by that? And how exactly should I take being told on top of that that I still owe this party my vote, and that I should keep my mouth shut about my irritation if I don't want to be called a Republican-enabler?

I'm gonna stop now or i'm just going to paste the whole text.


    The problem with this line of thinking is that there's no end to it.

Yeah, but the whole strategy of "They're treating us like animals, so let's shit on the floor" has never worked for solving the problem. If you don't like that our system of government favors a two party system, and that those parties are built on the compromises of very large groups, than you either need to figure out a way to change the system itself, or you have to shut up and maybe hold your nose while you vote for the lesser evil. Voting third-party or not voting does nothing but show immaturity and unwillingness to participate in government.

This election more than ever reaffirmed that the far-left is, much like the far-right, a group of uncompromising idealists who will throw a temper tantrum and quit if they don't get every single line item that they demanded. Clinton's loss due to low voter turnout in swing states will, if anything, shift the democratic party farther toward the center, as they've seen that the purists of the left are unwilling to support the party unless they get all of their demands met, and they'd probably rather get the votes of some not-racist republicans than continue to rely on people who can't choose between a unlikable candidate and a terrible one.

posted by OftenBen: 947 days ago