My take on this is that with Amazon et al and the way these malls treated kids in the 90's, the Shopping Mall is either going to have to attract Boomers and the Millennial Generation or die. I am trying to think of the last time my old ass went to a mall, I think It was to go to a Sears 11 years ago and buy some Craftsman stuff. Now, with Craftsman being the same cheap imported schlock as everything else, I'll either go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy their stuff for less and get the same quality.

Granted my friend circle is the outlier, but none of us go to malls, hell most of us don't go to stores other than food and booze/beer.

This place sounds like a try-hard attempt to make an attraction and throw back to an 80's movie. Even Trump and his people turned it down!


As a proud-to-be-former New Jerseyian, even most of us aren't this tasteless. And out of the two malls I grew up near, one is slowly dying, and one is not-so-slowly dying. The consumer base clearly does not exist.

This thing reeks of a future moral lesson against consumption. Who even thinks that a bigger mall is a better mall? A bigger mall means I need to park even farther away, walk past even more stinky perfume and pretzel stores, and deal with even more intolerable people.

posted by francopoli: 822 days ago