That's right folks, my very own original content to add to. I wrote this a few days after the election and never got around to recording it.

I've never done one of these, so I'm just gonna copy and paste what thenewgreen says in his.

T-Dog, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, ghostoffuffle, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2 (and of course TNG) - add to this, it's open wide as a church door.

KEY OF E MAJOR (I like it too, tng), 74 BPM


    Donnie-onnie-onnie wakes up

    face down in the same bed the last guy used

    ties his shoes, change the sheets

    as the coffee reheats

    in the microwave

    Donnie-onnie-onnie tees up

    same old thing, practice swings

    old friends pretend that his game hasn't

    slipped a bit

    since he started the new job

    Oh, and he never makes it home in time

    to catch his favorite sitcoms live

    Oh, and he never seems to find the time

    just to sit with his new wife

    His new wife, and his new job.

    Donnie-onnie-onnie gets cuts

    on the little skin flaps between his fingers

    from skimming too fast

    through the daily reports

    he just wants to get some rest

    Donnie-onnie-onnie wakes up

    from his 2 o clock nap

    in the light in the back of a tinted-out

    stretch cadillac on its way

    to another funeral

    Oh, and he never gets to talk to his kids

    about his business

    (I guess it's doing fine)

    and he never gets to make any deals like he used to

    That's the new deal

    and his new job

    (Oh, I feel so broke up, I wanna go home).

lil I played hockey (this is a lie, I haven't played hockey once in my life, but it seems important to say this) steve.

I swear to god soundcloud is fucking with my audio. This had 7 db of headroom when I uploaded it, I'm guessing that they add compression/boost audio to make everything on their site roughly the same volume? I don't know if I'm just paranoid or what. This song is pretty sloppily mixed anyway, so I guess it doesn't entirely matter but blehh.

In any case, PM me if you want a copy of the WAV, or you can download from soundcloud as well.


This is so good. The sarcastic character profile is a fucking classic songwriting move and if anyone deserves this treatment, it's the President-Elect. Thank you.

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