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Coming on the heels of a Washington Post story about how more people died of heroin overdose than homicide with a gun in 2015. The CDC says just over 33,000 people died of an opioid overdose in 2015 (12,989 of those were from heroin, about the same number from natural opioids, and close to 10,000 from fentanyl).

But part of this trend is a major spine in deaths from Fentanyl. For example, the documentary quotes numbers in Massachusetts where the number of deaths from fentanyl was more than double those of heroin. Part of the problem is that fentanyl is far stronger than heroin (like 50-100 times), and it's being mixed in with heroin without the user knowing. The illegal supply is of course not the only problem, since fentanyl is available by prescription as well.


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