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    In all, 12 states had more opioid prescriptions than people 2012:

    Alabama: 142.9 per 100 people

    Tennessee: 142.8

    West Virginia: 137.6

    Kentucky: 128.4

    Oklahoma: 127.8

    Mississippi: 120.3

    Louisiana: 118

    Arkansas: 115.8

    Indiana: 109.1

    Michigan: 107

    South Carolina: 101.8

    Ohio: 100.1

Now here's what I wanna know: how is it that an ethnicity that legit fought opium wars are apparently immune to opioid addiction?

FYI: the John Oliver segment on opioids is largely cribbed from the 2-hour Frontline on opioids linked in the article.


The Chinese fought against the opium trade in those Wars against the British and French who wanted to export it.

Fun fact: In Canada, which I believe was the first country in the world to criminalize narcotics, opium was legal until the early 1900s. Opium use among whites and Chinese were about equal at that time and was taxed. Chinese smoked opium. White people generally drank it as laudanum (aka snake oil).

In 1907 white people rioted in Vancouver as they felt that the Chinese, who arrived there en masse after the completion of the cross-Canada railroad, out-competed them for jobs. The Minister of Labour went to investigate. His solution was to propose the criminalization of the smoking of opium only, therefore criminalizing the behavior of much Chinese labor.

So the first narcotics legislation in Canada, and perhaps the world, was proposed by the Minister of Labour and effected immigrants only.

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