Ethan, aka, h3h3 Productions, has been on youtube for years now. When I first ran across him, he was doing lame reaction videos. Recently he's matured and turned into a guy who has been on rants about fake news, fake pranksters and how youtube is hurting content creators. This video here is also worth a view.

And in other news, I never get notifications when elizabeth uploads videos. I thought she stopped a while back and now I see at least 20 or so that I never looked at before. Might want to check out her videos if you have not seen them or have not been getting notifications. Her channel is here P.S. Elizabeth? Name your channel now that you have over 100 subs :)


Thanks for the shoutout , didn't know people stopped getting notified of the video. This sucks :( But what do you mean about naming my channel? I do have a custom link:

h3h3's great! It's a big boring when he just bashes the pranksters but his more serious videos are so funny. He seems like a down to earth guy with a good sense of humour.

posted by francopoli: 778 days ago