I'm sure people have heard of this, but Stein has now gotten something like $3.2 million in her effort to fund a recount in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Last night when I first looked at it, I think her goal was around $2m, which has now been raised to $4.5m.

Personally, I doubt that even if it does happen, it will change anything. But if it does - wouldn't this be kind of dangerous? There's also the movement to block the President-Elect through the Electoral College - but that strikes me as both naive and alarming. I didn't vote for Trump, but this makes me cringe a little. Maybe it shouldn't.

Most people have really visceral reactions to stuff like this. Friends and family I've spoken to get riled up easily. What does Hubski think of this?


Total waste of time and money and effort that is needed in the Louisiana Senate Runoff election. The Democrats win that election, the balance becomes 51-49. Make that happen and then you can push hard for one of the non-Trump Republicans to switch sides and then you have the power to really block the crazy nonsense that the Trump administration and the House Republicans try to pull. This also forces Trump to not appoint ultra right wing nuts to the courts.

posted by NotADoc: 785 days ago