As a young teenage boy the female body and female pleasure was a mystery to me. My source of knowledge was like for the rest of my friends porn movies. To my amazement the girls that I had sex with didn't seem to enjoy all my movie inspired activities, position switching every other second and to be honest I totally lost the moment every time in the process of trying to live up to the ideals created by the porn industry. Even more sadly most of the girls that I met didn't have the courage to say what they liked and what not. I have a feeling that this is still a problem for young people today.

I believe that we still as of 2016 have a quite insecure and complicated relation to sex and speaking about it between the genders is still embarrassing and taboo. Why is it still like that? How can we open up for our sexuality that is a natural part of our being?

Bumped in to an Android sex game called Master Bettie that claims to address this topic. To me it seems serious and I would like to try it but I am not a very technical person. The game is “too hot for play store” and I must agree with the website. Super realistic war games are allowed but not an app challenging the taboo of female pleasure. Isn't that sick?

posted by spookal: 792 days ago