The other day, I was reading a comment here where someone mentioned they use Waterfox (I think it was francopoli). I hadn't heard of that browser before. Since then, I've been looking around for alternatives since someone told me that Firefox is on its way out. I've been using Chrome, but I'm not really fond of it. I really don't care for IE or Edge.

I looked up web browsers and was surprised to see so many out there.

Which web browser do you use and why?


Elinks - because I'm colour blind and most web designers suck at making their websites even remotely readable. It's actually one of my favourite browsers for other reasons, mainly because of much lower bandwidth use since it ignores whole megabytes of the bullshit (fonts, scripts, dozens of images that don't add anything to content) that certain websites want you to download in order to read 10KB worth of text.

Firefox Developer Edition - because it has a lot of nice tools, looks really good (I loathe that 'australis' look they introduced few years ago, FDE uses that old 'blocky' look) and, like every Firefox, can be configured to fit my other needs.

Chromium Browser - the open source alternative to Google Chrome. Mainly because it's less troublesome one Linux than their main product.

I can list addons I'm using in Firefox and Chromium after classes, my break is almost over. :P

EDIT: List of add-ons:

On Chromium and Firefox:

- Stylish Ch F - Apply your own CSS styles. Helps with readability.

- uBlock Origin Ch F - Deals with the flood of adds. Low on resources, works really well for all of my needs.

On Chromium alone:

- Clearly - deprecated and no longer available in official store, can be obtained here. It removes everything that isn't text from the website.

- SpeakIt! - really good text to speech program.

On Firefox alone:

- FlashGot - mass download utility.

- Hide Caption Titlebar - removes redundant crap from user interface.

Plus quite a lot of changes done to about:config.

And, for sake of completeness, here is the old thread that you probably were talking about:

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