“Get back to your life,” Colbert said. Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, all tarred by the victor, and tarred again and tarred yet again, were told to get back to their lives and forget the slurs and physical assaults and threats of deportation? The African-Americans whose church was burned down in Greenville, Mississippi, just before the election, were now supposed to relax, to look for Republicans to hug, as if America had not just buried them in an Electoral College landslide? The targets of neo-Nazi tweets and white supremacist blasts were supposed to whimper for unity?


Disagree. Wholeheartedly.

I've got friends demanding a boycott of Paypal because "that guy" (they don't even know who Peter Thiel is) cofounded it in 1998. I've got friends sharing links of burning New Balance shoes because their VP of marketing affirmed that Donald Trump's position against the TPP was good for their business. I've got friends railing against the Koch Brothers because... well, that's what you do despite the fact that the Kochs, for once, didn't back the Republican presidential candidate.

The author observes that Colbert is no longer pandering to college-educated millennials but is instead holding up a bullhorn to all of America yet the author observes that telling everyone to calm down and come together is somehow bad?

There are a million and one things that Trump can be taken to task over, and late night comedians can be counted on to do so. Ripping into them for not doing it with every single minute of airtime is irresponsible and short-sighted.

posted by johan: 1010 days ago