It's often portrayed in media with lots of swearing, but that's not the whole picture. Today, we're gonna find out a little more about what goes on in the brain.

Perhaps even more excitingly, we have Inés Dawson from Draw Curiosity collaborating with us! Inés is actually an expert when it comes to Tourettes because she actually has it! Hear a little bit about her experience and knowledge on the matter. Also, Inés makes awesome science videos and you should absolutely check out her channel at

While you're there, check out the video that we collaborated on about an illusion that tricks your brain and stomach! Or, just click this link:


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Hey Hubskiers (is that what we call ourselves?), we're the crew from Neuro Transmissions. Thanks for checking out the video! Let us know if you have any questions about us or about Tourette Syndrome in particular. Have a good one!

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