Greetings to our SQLeaders!

I have to bugs that I've been noticing. First, the notifications donut is not going from light blue (meaning I have notifications that have been read but not dismissed) to darker blue when I dismiss the last one and get redirected to the home screen. It does finally happen, but only after I go back to the notifications page once it's empty.

Second, the comments for a story aren't being opened in the main tab when I click a link. The link itself gets opened in a new tab, like it should, but my hubski tab just stays on the feed. The relevant setting is, well, set, and I've tried undoing and and then redoing it to no avail.

These are both minor, don't get me wrong, but thought you'd want to know!


Your second bugski was happening to me as well. No matter how many times I changed the settings, it kept reverting back to the original setting. In settings, change "load post on external links" to yes, then update settings. If it keeps reverting back, mk or someone will fix it for you.

posted 1199 days ago