Running this site has provided me some insight into how media works.

I often get emails proposing articles to be posted to the site. Today I got an email inquiring whether or not I wanted to write/post an article based upon an infographic called "Uber Takes A Wrong Turn".

I assume this is the infograph:

I would guess that this infograph was created by a group with funding from a specific source.

Of course, I won't. But it's worth considering that many of the infographs and articles that you see out in the wild are farmed out by companies generating them for specific purposes. That's probably not news to most of you, but even Hubski is on the radar.


Speaking as a certificated practitioner of the dark art of "social media," the get-rich-quick universe of SEO is damn near laughable. The thing is, it's easy to hang up a website, spam a million people for backlinks and jigger the copy so that your statistically relevant long-tail search terms show up. But you have to do it consistently, you have to do it a lot, and you have to do it in such a way that Google doesn't recognize as blatantly scummy or they fuckin' crush you like a bug.

And then every now and then you see shit like this that pretty much demonstrates that you, the guy who dug into it just enough to optimize your content, knows more about it than thousands of practitioners who are actively trying to make a living by shoving spam down the throats of everyone with a browser.

By the bye, by posting this post and linking to their link, you're doing exactly what they want you to.

    Of course, I won't.

So yeah. You did. Just so you know.

By the way, if you want to see blogspam as it forms, there's a forum for that.

posted by mk: 771 days ago