In case you missed it, the New York Times posted an "Inside Hitler's Bunker" last-days verbal history of the Trump campaign that includes the revelation that their captive Oompa Loompa had finally given up control of his Twitter account, thereby failing to stuff his foot in his mouth for the entirety of this bullshit email adventure.

It appears that the Democrats are working to remedy that.


From the NYT link:

    Over a cheeseburger, fried calamari and an “Ivanka Salad” at the Trump Grill in the basement of Trump Tower last week, several aides flipped open a laptop and loaded the popular website, which allows users to create their own winning electoral maps.

    For 10 minutes, they clicked through the country, putting Democratic-leaning states won by Mr. Obama four years ago, like New Mexico and Colorado, into Mr. Trump’s column.

    Their analysis seemed more atmospheric than scientific.

Um... I have no words.

posted by kleinbl00: 772 days ago