It's crazy what sportscasters are willing to talk about to fill in the air. I wonder how many scripts prewritten, clips preshot for these situations. This shit is boring enough when they're prepared. Can you imagine how awful it would be if they had to pull shit out of their ass?

"I agree, Smokey Yunick was a cheat among cheats, rules lawyer among rules lawyers. Could you imagine being a GM and playing D&D with that guy? He'd min-max his character to hell and back with gear out of non-core books and play with weighted dice."

"Hey, we haven't talked Dodge in forever. Why is that? Oh yeah. They don't have a NASCAR program. You hear that often repeated rumor on the internet that Mercedes is thinking about running a few cars next season? Ever since them, Nissan, and Volvo started racing V8s in Australia, they've really been taking American motorsports more seriously. Except . . . you know . . . they haven't."

"You hear how the NFL is trying to keep a tight leash on all of their players to make their sport more sponsor friendly? You'd figure they'd learn from us and our dying viewership that that's a bad idea."

God, I know it's not a real Camry, I just wish Toyota had a cooler nameplate they could run under . . .


They've also tinkered too much with the playoff system. I started watching back in '02, where it was just a season long accumulation of points. Then they switched to the chase format in '06, which wasn't so bad. Then a few years ago they switched it to a round elimination format? I'm not sure, it was around that switch that I stopped caring. Of course any point system is arbitrary, but switching it up every year does not help legitimize the champions in your sport.

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