I'm going to be completely honest - not sure what has drawn me back here. Last time I was here was 3-4 years ago, I believe.

Things that have transpired since the last time I was here:

- Changed jobs twice

- Passed my CPA exam

- Got married

- Bought a house

- Got a dog

- My wife is due in February

Maybe I'm having a low-key "oh shit" adult crisis and I'm using this outlet as a backasswards use of therapy.

But anyway, what big events have you guys (personally and hubski-wide) experienced in the past few years?


Kinda cute how when you're back after an absence your previous questions also pop up and you can see what you were thinking 1400 days ago, like the question of freedom or security.

So now you're married and going to be a parent if all goes as planned (or as accidentaly enabled).

Which brings me to big experiences over the last while. I suddenly found myself separated when my search for concurrent freedom and security went on a road unrelated to my hoped for destination.

What can be learned? New things all the time.

I hope that in any future exploration in partnering, neither partner has a secret life.

As for hubski "therapy" -- the success rate is pretty good, but regular therapy can also be helpful. And books and conversation and pms. Welcome back.

posted by vince: 900 days ago