BPM should be 120.

Key should be "E" -ish

Fast work, but I haven't made anything in a long time.

I had thirty minutes tonight. Took an old drum beat of mine and reversed it. Added some guitar swells and mellotron and vocals. Pretty simple stuff. Pretty wide open.

Please add to it: flac coffeesp00ns T-Dog, rezzeJ, ghostoffuffle, lil randomuser, steve


"If this is living, I'm doing it wrong."


Understandable feeling arising from restless longing, perhaps. My first thought, though, when I heard those words at the end of the song, was that whoever is creating music or flannel shirts covered in whales is doing it right.

All the other creatures on the planet seem to naturally know what to do as a species, while humans wonder "am I doing it wrong?"

That is what we do naturally as a species: wonder, philosophize, and create.

posted by thenewgreen: 775 days ago