I'm not posting this article because I think its interesting; I'm posting it as a great example of how media uses headlines to paint a picture that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with reality. The did it to hippies in the 60s, to punk rockers and metal heads in the 70s and 80, and now, apparently, to OWS. In this article they say DNA that has to do with a murder suspect form some years ago was found on a chain that was used to prop open an exit gate in the NYC subway. Then there is a line that says that there was a group of people who propped open subway exits to protest how expensive the subway is, and that this group may be linked to the OWS movement. Thus telling all of us that there are murderers in their ranks.

cgod: The cops are DNA testing odd ball shit like a chain that held a subway door open? I'm don't know if I buy anything about this story.

posted by b_b: 2379 days ago