What are your favorite fall foods? Whether it is for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just seasonal food, I want to hear about the foods you love. And lets see some more #grubski posts.

I made Butternut Squash soup using Alton Brown's recipe. I followed it pretty closely, except I halved the recipe, and used black pepper instead of white.

Squash roasting with salt and pepper.

I cut the peel off, and added ginger, nutmeg, honey, more pepper, and chicken stock. I made the stock myself last week. I also put more nutmeg, ginger, and pepper than Alton calls for.

Alton also recommends using a stick blender to blend the soup, but I don't have one. I tried to use an electric beater, but that didn't work very well. So I mashed it through a mesh strainer with a spatula, and that resulted in a nice texture. Also resulted in a mess, so I don't have a picture of that.

And at the very end I added cream. The first one I mixed in, but the other two I tied to swirl around to make it photogenic. My wife just thought I was too lazy to mix any bowl but my own.

So what fall foods are you making?


I'm doing the same thing right now!

Squash, carrots, sweet onion and garlic roasted in olive oil, turmeric, pepper and red curry paste. 400F for an hour and a half

Blend with veggie stock and coconut milk to taste.

I also put in a healthy squirt of sriracha.

posted by ThurberMingus: 812 days ago