Kb shared the epsilon theory podcast with me a few months ago. The pc broadly discusses finance related to game theory. Kb has me blocked due to my own sense of things (i tell myself at least)...

I do not disagree that my points aren't founded on empirical data... but looking through the lines here (with this podcast episode), is there anybody out there who is legitimately making moves to "insulate" their position from the bubble bursting again?

Trying to reason with kb is a waste of my time, he doesn't get me, therefore I don't exist.

Anyone else listen to this podcast and have anything to add?

Here's my opening statement: America is fucked, unless you support the status quo.

This IS NOT FOUNDED ON 'lizard people' evidence... as KB labelled me with. I take offense to that type of label. I do not take offense to being proved wrong


2: we (the people of earth) need Bretton Woods 2.0

Or am I wrong?

posted by Deltron_0: 873 days ago