It's been a while since I've encouraged donation. Yesterday it took me about 45 seconds to throw hubski some loose change. Please consider it. If you've got a credit/debit card, or if you've got some bitcoin or etherium - consider how much you love this place and throw some at it.

There are no ads here. The team believes so firmly in not collecting data about you and maintaining strict privacy. Can you think of another place online where you spend so much enjoyable time that asks nothing of you? They won't even ask you for a donation. They just slip a quiet "donate" link at the bottom of the page. edit: I think mk hates that I even post these reminders.... but I hate the idea of him spending $3000 per year of his own personal money so that I can enjoy this site.

Since they won't ask - I will. Throw a couple bucks at hubski. It takes one minute. Whatever we don't donate, these people pay out of their pockets. They already spend their blood sweat and tears to make this place operate. Let's help defray the server costs.

No guilt. If you can donate, do. If you can't, don't - and feel good about the content and discussion you can contribute. But if you scrape up some dollars that might otherwise go to pizza or coffee.... consider a donation.

I'm matching donations at 10% up to the donation goal of $2400 and I'm already ahead of you guys. Catch up.

edit: This is what reminded me to donate today. It's worth a listen (or a read). Nothing is free.


I've complained about white people on here enough to drop a fiver later. Was just gonna use it on junk food anyways.

posted by steve: 1024 days ago