The most important consequence of not registering under the more rigorous “7A” level was that the Trump Foundation was not required by the state to submit to an annual audit by outside accountants. In such an audit, charity-law experts said, the accountants might have checked the Trump Foundation’s books — comparing its records with its outgoing checks, and asking whether the foundation had engaged in any transactions that benefited Trump or his busi­nesses.

    In recent years, The Post has reported, Trump’s foundation does appear to have violated tax laws in several instances.

. . .

    Trump’s son Eric has his own foundation, also headquartered in New York, which raises money from the public through an annual golf tournament.

    Unlike his father’s charity, however, the Eric Trump Foundation has registered to solicit funds in the state and files an annual audit report. The two Trump foundations share an accountant, Donald Bender of the firm WeiserMazars. A spokeswoman for the firm declined to comment on Thursday.


    He’s a billionaire who acts like a thousandaire

Haha. Clinton should use this line in the next debate. He'd go through the roof.

The best result of this election wouldn't be just a Trump loss, but a Trump prosecution for tax evasion. Considering the shady stuff he does with the few million that his foundation raises, what might he do with a hundred million from his campaign (also tax free)?

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