Jupiter's moons look like marbles. I wanna snatched Callisto from the sky and put it in my pocket. Ganymede sounds like a dirty name. The lines of Europa are totally some alien interstates (though she days it reminds her of the blood vessels of an eye).

I married a nerd.


I was given a cheap telescope with half the parts missing, the other day I set it up just as we were making our way to bed and my wife waited patiently for about half an hour with me as we checked out the moon like never before (yes, with a moon filter and everything!). Last night she woke me up at 5am to tell me that the stars were the brightest she has ever seen them and that you could see the entirety of Orion and she was totally right, in 18 years living here I've never seen them that vivid before. I love that she always takes time to share nerdy stuff like that with me.

Nerd-wives are the best.

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