“The finding that stands out the most, our major result, is that the racial wage gaps were larger in 2015 than they were in 1979. That’s huge because the impression people have, in general, is we know there’s still racism in this country, but we think or at least believe that it’s getting better,” said Valerie Wilson, director of the EPI’s program on race, ethnicity and the economy and one of the report’s authors.


So this gap would not be explained by the widening income inequality between the .1% and the bottom 50%? I was going to say that because the top tenth of a percentage is not representative of the racial distribution of the population -- around 63% of Americans (link) are white, but that top echelon is probably way whiter -- but the article discusses wages and hourly pay, not gains from capital or rent.

    One of the main reasons that income for black Americans is not increasing at the same rate as that of white Americans is the starting salaries of college graduates within each group. According to the EPI, black male college graduates “started the 1980s with less than 10% disadvantage relative to white male college graduates but by 2014 similarly educated new entrants were at a roughly 18% disadvantage”.

Damn. Why?

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