Everyone should familiarize themselves with this discussion; it applies to everyone for good or ill.


Culture being shared between people creates unity and empathy. It's hard to hate who are like you, and it's hard to hate people who share your values. While these minority cultures continue to exist, mankind will be divided and fighting itself.

The broad media, the destruction of "culture" is progress. We call it "culture" because we see it, we don't notice we live in a massive, variable, awesome culture every single day that is bigger and better than any of those minority cultures that died to create the larger, better, culture.

In some way, this lack of diversity may be bad, but the unity it creates will far override those downsides. I understand the motivation to preserve these "unique" things, to keep them around, but honestly I can't see them being useful in the future. Those people in those cultures would be better off partaking in the larger ones, making memes on reddit and laughing at celebrities.

Free choice should always prevail, and free choice is causing these cultures to die, let the people who make them up be part of the rest of the world, rather than shoving them into a glass box so we can observe them and think "how quaint".

Humans aren't individuals, we are a small unit in a larger society, and if we can't all push in the same, or a similar direction, we have no power at all.

"Culture" stands between us and a united mankind. It will die, and I will happily dance on it's grave, because it dying means many real physical people won't have to.

Do you want real culture? That modern practices of people forming new ideas and treading new ground?

Go to the subreddits where people gather to follow odd rituals and traditions, having fun as they speak and behave in all forms of funny manners.

Go to the fan-forums, the communities surrounding different devices or games or events. Go to the science clubs, the gaming conventions. Observe when you find an obscure form full of welcoming people sharing a hobby.

No, these things are childish, they aren't "real" culture, I don't like them!

We have culture, we live in it ever day, and idiots like this who are all doom and gloom because latin isn't being enjoyed and poetry got boring as we start demanding more from our environments.

The world moved on and this guy mistook culture's lack of proximity to you to its death.

posted by flagamuffin: 982 days ago