Shout-out to the people who complain about our government,

but offer no solutions.

Shout-out to the pretentious who monger misery for recognition,

denouncing society to be accepted.

Shout-out to the advocates of pretty words accompanying sensitive piano music

crescendoing at the pinnacle of good-looking stanzas,

greedily consuming tears,

while advocates of action are left in the dark.

Shout-out to activists who want to fix the “country of Africa,”

and ignore the broken country of America.

Shout-out to those who believe America anarchic

when in other countries

families are slaughtered for engaging

in our everyday privileges.

Shout-out to hating hospitals becoming mainstream

while a mother, broken and scared,

begs her child to hold on just long enough to reach the dilapidated building

where the only medic in a hundred miles


Shout-out to loathing school

when a young woman is shot in the head for trying to attend.

Shout-out to needing to paint the worst possible scenario

to warrant any reaction.

Shout-out to indulging in brief moments of political awareness

before getting up and living just the same as before.

Shout-out to being attacked

for living life

in lieu of useless lamenting.

Shout-out to the criticized for criticizing critics.

And of course,

Shout-out to me

for observing society and its issues

yet still contributing

by sitting and writing this poem,

pointing out flaws without answers, problems without resolutions

because the only complete fix is a cultural revolution

made impossible by us,

who can only complain about our government

but offer no solutions.

Just joined, thrilled to find this website (even though I'm confused af on everything from etiquette to the cute little CD with a blemish looking thing next to my username), and first post. I'm open to advice, critique, or friendly conversation!


Welcome to Hubski!

Love your poem. I didn't think you had written it until I got to the end.

I've been liking some of your posts. The irony of your two ramen posts that I saw in your profile made me laugh.

I look forward to seeing some of your hypothetical questions with difficult answers posts.

The CD with a blemish is the hubski wheel (I think that's what it's called). As you have more posts and shares and spend more time here, you get more "blemishes" that go around the wheel. When you go around the wheel once, you get a badge that you can give to someone who posted something you thought was exceptional.

You can find more here

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