Hi Mark,

This site looks very promising and I don't mean to go "fixing" it as soon as you build it, but I have a larger monitor, and the long lines of text are pretty difficult to read (http://i.min.us/i6HjAOWg2o8md.png).

As you can see in my submission picture, with a few lines of CSS, the site is much more readable. Here are the changes:

body { background:#252525; } .main { width:960px; } .pagecontent { padding-right:50px; }

Thanks for all your hard work on the site so far.

Helianthus: While we're giving tips, I _need_ need __need__ some form of markup. Trying to do an inline link/citation in another topic didn't work like reddit, which is the sort of use case I presume you are considering when you're advertising directly as a reddit alternate...

I searched for some list of available things and couldn't find it.

Edit: ah, so \works\ works. And bold? -strikethrough-?

I need a place to look this stuff up!

well, you can't escape asterisks that I see. #* /*

posted by TheFunkyMonk: 2698 days ago