I've never played. I like people who have a meta game.


    All the while, Brown says he came up against players who shared precisely two qualities: they were astonishingly bad, and—because they were playing competitive—they were astonishingly serious about it. They’d curse and spit and yell about that motherfucking Hanzo, even though they—not Hanzo—were the authors of their own demise (and ranking).

    “They are at the bottom of the barrel and are in complete denial about it,” said Brown.

Loved the article and got a lot of laughs from it. Out of sheer bored over the summer I reinstalled League of Legends for shots and giggles. For better or worse I've started to actually invest time and money into it recently. As per norm, ranked in the lowest division after qualifying for competitive play. This quote among others is quite the accurate read on elo based games I've seen thus far. Nothing ground breaking but the analysis and perspective from rock bottom is damn funny in a self depreciating fashion.

posted by cgod: 930 days ago