For the first time last year I got my first own back yard. A tiny piece of lawn. The soil underneath was (and for the most part still is) super hard clay, fairly stony.

Over last winter I built a C shapped raised bed and dug beds around the perimeter, leaving enough footpaths for maintenance without stepping on the growing space. I'd have liked to fill the bed fully with compost but that was way too expensive so I filled it 50/50 instead.

I documented the process using timelapse photography and roughly edited the first video below. As the garden developed I produced spring and summer videos (second and third video below). The following 3 videos cover a period of about 8 months, from February to August.

I've lost count of the time I've spent staring at the garden, and the wildlife it has attracted since, from my sitting room. It's one of my great sources of enjoyment and peace.

If you grow, feel free to use this post to share your stories/media.


I have big plans for raised beds next year. This year the only thing I managed to get in the ground were 6 tomato plants. But I didn't give them any attention after planting and they went CRAZY. Easily 100lbs or more of tomatoes from those 6 plants.

Do you have a blog or something? The videos were great but not particularly informative, building method for the beds, list of plants you grew, etc.

posted by organicAnt: 1001 days ago