IN “Minority Report”, a policeman, played by Tom Cruise, gleans tip-offs from three psychics and nabs future criminals before they break the law. In the real world, prediction is more difficult. But it may no longer be science fiction, thanks to the growing prognosticatory power of computers. That prospect scares some, but it could be a force for good—if it is done right.


Or it just might just make things worse.

Chicago's experiment

You could find many other criticisms of Chicago's attempt to harness the power of data to reduce crime on Google if you are so inclined.

Or read about the proprietary systems that determine blacks need harsher sentences than whites at sentencing because they a going to reoffend but defense council isn't allowed to look at the algorithm that makes the determination.

Lots of ink spilled on that as well.

It might be discussed in the article but pay wall.

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