While housing shortages and homeless epidemics have afflicted communities up and down the west coast, a major crisis has emerged in Santa Cruz, the liberal seaside city 80 miles south of San Francisco, known internationally for its surfing and laid-back boardwalk attractions.

    With a swelling presence of Airbnb short-term rentals and university students, Santa Cruz has increasingly become unaffordable and inhospitable to many longtime low-income workers and middle-class families, and experts say the tech boom and housing crunch in nearby Silicon Valley is exacerbating the displacement.


When was this article written? Santa Cruz has been an unaffordable bedroom community of San Francisco since before they shot Lost Boys there. My buddies were bitching about how fucking expensive Santa Cruz was in '92.

So you can bitch about how expensive it is to live there. Or you can move to Oakland like everybody else.

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