I just wrote a heartfelt damn piece of my soul onto the pixelwork to share with you folks...

It turns out that, if you timeout (the "deadlink" page) and go back in history twice by accident then come forward to the "submit" page, what you wrote won't be there anymore.

I'm not rewriting this. Wouldn't be fair for the lost.

Any way we can implement some sort of auto-storing mechanism or timeout notifications? It would be most appreciated by people like me who write long posts in the submission form. Timeout refreshment for when you return to "submit" page from the "deadlink", perhaps? Refreshing the page by hand is a downer, and things can be lost that way.

mk thenewgreen (I don't remember which one of you devfolks does the code for Hubski, so calling the ones I know)


Sorry :(

It's inherent to the way Arc handles pages in the old Hacker News source. Unfortunately, it's so low-level, we probably won't be able to fix it until everything is moved to Racket.

We might be able to store it client-side in local storage or something, but I doubt I'll have time anytime soon. What little time I have is going into this big user data migration. mk forwardslash

posted by ThatFanficGuy: 947 days ago