Pewdiepie, the top youtuber, just put out a video asking his fans not to show up at his house. He says he was speaking on behalf on a lot of youtubers. I've recently seen reports and tweets by many youtubers that fans have been showing up at their houses uninvited.

Kotaku did an article on the video which turned into a debate in the comments on whether people famous on youtube should have an expectation of privacy.

Most people can't imagine becoming a top youtuber or even being well-known on the internet. They don't think it applies to them. Let's say that a post on a small website goes viral and gets a lot of attention. Should that person expect their privacy to be respected?

More generally, should there be an expectation of privacy for people who do activities on the internet that become popular?


Being famous is the opposite of having privacy.

If being famous (I don't know what other value being a 'youtuber' could possibly bring) is your chosen method of making your way in this world, you have no expectation of a private life.

Conversely, no fan should stalk/be a dick to someone whose content they enjoy. That's a good way to get them to stop making that content.

posted by jadedog: 882 days ago