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Prompt #8: Write about one of the "On This Day..." posts Facebook showed you today.

Caveats: If you don't have Facebook, guess you're SOL; doesn't have to actually factually be today.

I'll post mine in a few hours.


[6:53:42 PM] Genevieve: congratualtions!

[6:53:47 PM] You: Hm?

[6:53:58 PM] Genevieve: your first book came out three years ago :)

[6:54:12 PM] You: Oh wow.

[6:54:16 PM] You: Yeah, it did!

[6:54:20 PM] You: Thanks, sweetheart!

[6:54:23 PM] Genevieve: ^_^

[6:54:28 PM] Genevieve: i figured you'd forget. you always forget these things

[6:54:33 PM] You: Yeah, I do.

[6:54:45 PM] You: Man, three years...

[6:54:51 PM] Genevieve: what was it? third year of college?

[6:55:01 PM] Genevieve: and we were what? five years together?

[6:55:05 PM] Genevieve: six?

[6:55:08 PM] You: Yeah, about.

[6:55:13 PM] You: We gotta celebrate this, haven't we?

[6:55:18 PM] Genevieve: i'm all for it! :)

[6:55:28 PM] Genevieve: as soon as i come home, we break some cake over it

[6:55:30 PM] You: Deal. :)

[6:55:45 PM] You: Man...

[6:55:49 PM] You: I was so nervous about it...

[6:55:54 PM] You: A wreck.

[6:55:58 PM] You: Biggest thing that I've made by the time.

[6:56:04 PM] You: Good thing you were there to keep me together.

[6:56:08 PM] Genevieve: don't mention it

[6:56:11 PM] You: Ginny?

[6:56:18 PM] Genevieve: yeah?

[6:56:22 PM] You: Thank you for being there for me.

[6:56:24 PM] Genevieve: ^_^

[6:56:33 PM] You: How's Canada?

* * *

"Shit Outta Luck"? I'm a writer, damn it.

At some point, I will tell those persons' story.

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