We all have those few flicks that we can see over and over. Whether it's because we find new things each time or just because we have fun watching them, some movies just stick around.


I've got a few:

Blade Runner - I prefer the Director's Cut that removes the voiceover. But I'll watch the voiceover version just for old time's sake, too.

12 Monkeys - Brad Pitt's best role ever! Love this. And Gilliam. And the story. And... everything.

Ocean's 11 - (The Pitt and Clooney version) I don't know what it is about this movie... I just think it is perfect. I've done film-school analyses of every shot, every line of dialog, and every error in the film. I probably know this movie better than any other movie. It's inexplicable and weird, but I love it.

Waking Ned Devine - Totally enchanting little Irish story, shot on the Isle of Man. And I have an enormous crush on Finnoula Flanagan.

Mad Max - In the so-bad-its-good category. I just love that a bunch of weirdo Aussies poured their heart into this complete disaster of a script, and came up with something... iconic.

The Road Warrior - Mad Max done right, and with a budget. I expect Fury Road to replace this one in my shortlist soon. Fury Road gets all of The Road Warrior right, and then goes even further.

Serenity - Duh. Of course.

Galaxy Quest - The finest, most loving, takedown of geek culture there is. Utter perfection, start to finish.

That's my shortlist of "Dangerous" movies, by which I mean, movies that, if I turn them on, I know I'm not going to do anything else for the next hour and a half.

posted by johnnyFive: 887 days ago