Hulu will no longer be providing free content. Its subscription services start at $7.99. Some content will be available at Yahoo.

    Hulu's free content isn't disappearing altogether. The company has signed a deal with struggling tech giant Yahoo for much of the programming to appear on the new Yahoo View streaming destination.

    Hulu is separately planning to launch a live-streaming service next year as an alternative to pricey traditional pay-TV packages.

Personally, there was only one show that I looked forward to seeing on Hulu. I'm a bit sad about losing that, but not sad enough to subscribe yet. I'm not sure if I'm sadder about that or if I'm sadder that I learned about it on a Philip deFranco youtube video. Getting news from a youtube video saddens me.


Netflix and Hulu both have a quality that seems to come and go for me. One always seems to have better offerings than the other, which is why I subscribe to both. Ironically, I don't actually use Hulu to keep up with current shows. I don't know if that's the norm or not.

I'm really excited to hear that Criterion and Turner Classic Movies are going to team up for their own streaming service and I can't wait to see how that turns out. I wonder how much losing Criterion's films will affect Hulu though.

posted by jadedog: 897 days ago