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Prompt #1: Write About Work Today

Thanks for playing, and keep at it. Even if you miss some days here or there, nobody is counting.

Seems I'm mostly posting these around 3 PM EST workdays, so let's see if I keep that up. I wouldn't be surprised if it is not the same on weekends, but maybe I can keep it constant for M-Fs.


I worked at three houses today, the first was fairly simple maintenance and didn't take a whole lot out of me however realizing I forgot my good tools for the second day in a row wasn't how I wanted to start things off. By the time we got to the second house it was hot, and I spent most of that time spreading bags of mushroom compost. Sometimes that's really simple except today it just so happened I had to crawl between a wall and a shrub in order to actually get the compost everywhere. At the third house I'm fairly certain ants crawled into my shorts as I cleared away dirt from what used to be a massive ant hill so we could lay grass seed. Odd time of year for it and the stuff was old but we figure it's sitting there so we might as well give it a try. So by the end of work I smell, have squished ants in my shorts, my shoulders are killing me but I would still pick this job over any others I've had.

posted by _refugee_: 1138 days ago