Hi guys,

Every month I try to set a few goals for myself. This month, my goal is to write every day. In prep for that, I made a list of 31 prompts to help inspire me each evening when I set down to write.

I mentioned this on IRC the other day and a few people mentioned interest in following these prompts if I posted them on Hubski. So, without any further ado, here is the first prompt and here are my shout-outs. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the shout-out list.

You will note that these will be numbered and appear to be out-of-order by the number I write down. That is because I am pulling them from my master list out of order but want to be able to easily track them.

29. Write about today's lunch.

OftenBen War ThatFanficGuy lil ButterflyEffect

Also War, yes I will be mailing you that thing we talked about. It will take a little while.


I decided to keep updating this post through the month and put links to all the other prompts here in order, so if anyone wants to go through them all or just peruse the collection with ease, we have a sort of index page.

Day 2 - Write A Poem to Lil

Day 3 - Write About Work Today

Day 4 - Write 6 Haiku

Day 5 - Write About Something You Saw On Your Walk Today

Day 6 - Describe A Tree

Day 7

Day 8 - Babies!

Day 9 - Write About Your Brother, Or A Person Named Pat

Day 10 - Define Some Of Your Personal Lexicon

Day 11 - Write One Of Your Dreams

Day 12 - Write A Sonnet

Day 14 - Write About Today's 'Church', as Ref Defines On Day 10

Day 15 - Your Favorite Food

Day 16 - Write As If You Were Someone Else, Annoyed With You

Day 17 - Write About One Of The "On This Day" Posts Facebook Showed You Today With Caveats for Creativity

Day 18 - Write About An Imaginary or Mythical Creature

Day 19 - Use A News Headline

Day 22 - Rhyming Couplets

Day 23 - Write About Camping

Day 24 - Write About High School

Day 25 - Write About Claire

Day 27 - ref passes


Yay! Love it when there's a new Hubski project thing going on :)

I'm not much of a writer but I'll be reading!

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