Neurd out! This week we're coming at you from San Diego Comic Con! We had the pleasure of attending for the third year in a row this year and we saw TONS of panels about mashing up science and science fiction. PLUS, we got to interview two researchers who have been studying "Dark Triad" traits and how they relate to your favorite villains. So come get a piece of the Comic Con action. We promise you won't have to wait in line.

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Love this video! You did a great job with it. Thanks for posting it here. :)

There was a lot of great information in it. If I had one suggestion, it would be to go a little more in-depth with the information. Maybe you intend to do so later.

You mention that the question of whether droids would be slaves was discussed, but it's just a quick mention. I'd like to hear more about that.

Poor cat getting chased around. :p How lucky that you won all that cool stuff!

That study by the psychologists you interviewed had me unsettled. Psychologists making assessments about people based on which movie character they like bothers me. I already think that psychologists make too many snap judgments about classifying people without them making assessments from idle small talk. I also didn't like the idea of using that information for job interviews or for marketing, but for that, it's probably as random as any other thing. I'm noticing more and more that mTurkers are being used as subjects for these psychological tests. I wonder how representative of the population they actually are.

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