I think we can all agree this year's presidential election is like a soap opera, which can only mean one thing: in 100 years' time the events of 2016 are going to be dramatized. It will be the "Game of Thrones" of its day. So what sort of actors would you cast in the main roles?

For my money they'll get a Bette Davis type actress to play Hillary Clinton, and a David Duchovny type to play Bill. A John Belushi or a Jim Carrey type will play Trump. And they'll get an ageing action star to play Sanders, like Harrison Ford or Sean Connery. They'll get the 2116 version of the Old Spice guy to play Barack Obama. Michelle Obama will, of course, be played by Michelle Obama, who will still be alive and ageless in 100 years' time.



posted by StJohn: 969 days ago