1. Did you know that I feel like I need a cigarette these days, yet I haven't smoked in years?

2. Did you know that I have been traveling so much the past three months that I'm already a Delta medallion member?

3. Did you know that business travel is lame?

4. Did you know that the older you get, the less cool it is to wear a suit?

5. Did you know that as you age you have less circulating stem cells and the ones you do have become less efficacious with time? Trust me, I know..

6. Did you know that I am looking for volunteers for the next #meethubski's? PM me if you are interested.

7. Did you know that every night I sing Beatles songs to my son as he falls asleep in my arms? This week I introduced a new one and he requests it by saying "my life please."

8. Did you know that Abner Doubleday invented the game known as baseball in Cooperstown, New York, during the summer of 1839. Doubleday then went on to become a Civil War hero, while baseball became America's beloved national pastime.

9. Did you know that flagamuffin credits his uncle for teaching him the value of silence? Did you know that it was this anecdote about his life that made me think, "I like this fella." Now I count flag as one of the many people on Hubski I have vowed to meet someday in meat space.

10. Did you know that I started running again yesterday and that my legs are sore? wasoxygen -gonna get back in tennis shape.

11. Did you know that _refugee_ made a book of poetry that sits on my shelf and that I occasionally will pull it down for a read when I'm feeling uninspired and looking for a creativity boost?

12. Did you know that one of my favorite young songwriters is T-Dog?

13. Did you know that when I am feeling homesick I listen to cW's album? He's not from my hometown but he's just such a great friend that being around him and his wife, feels like home.

14. Did you know that mk created Hubski 2063 days ago as of this posting?

15. Did you know that mk and b_b are the coolest scientists alive?

16. Did you know that kleinbl00 shared a story that he wrote on Hubski? Did you know that it's damn good? Here is part 1:

17. Did you know that lil once asked the question "Is the universe indifferent?" -In fact, she asked it twice:

18. Did you know that I took a comment from lil's friend mivasairski and made it in to a song?

19. Did you know that I have met a bunch of Hubskiers in the past? Did you know that I anticipate that mk, b_b and I will have occasion to meet even more of you later this year and in to 2017? People I have met that I didn't know prior to Hubski: insomniasexx forwardslash, ecib, _refugee_, wasoxygen, b_b, arguewithatree, OftenBen, Meriadoc, lil, theadvancedapes (miss ya Cadell)... I'm sure there are a ton more that I am forgetting right now. In fact, I know there are.

20. Did you know that StJohn is working on another book? Time will tell if it is a prequel, telling us the tale of the Pepperpots whilst alive. --will it StJohn? Come on... do tell....

21. Did you know that we sent a snail to space and likely killed it? All in the name of ...um, science

22. Did you know that randomuser remixed and added a TON to a song I wrote called "Vacant Houses?" Did you know that his version is one of my favorite songs I've written and one of the most surprising collaborations I've had musically?

23. Did you know that Happiness Makes you CRY? ---always have to sneak that in these...

24. Did you know that I've known forwardslash since before he was married? Did you know that I've met his awesome wife backslash --totally forgot to add her to #19. Did you know that they used to live on a blueberry farm? Did you know that blueberries are my favorite fruit?

25. Did you know that the Guinness World Records says the oldest living person verified by original proof of birth is Misao Okawa, a 115-year-old Japanese woman. The oldest verified age was 122 years and 164 days: Jeanne Calment of France, who died in 1997.

26. Did you know that goobster was recently married?

27. Did you know that cgod owns a coffee shop?

28. Did you know that veen and elizabeth seem to be perpetual travelers? Did you know that elizabeth has a vlog chronicling her adventures? You should follow her on YouTube:

29. Did you know that personal content is not a sin?

30. Did you know that in the early days of Hubski is was basically, mk, mike, cgod, steve, gq and alpha0. Look at this lonely old post that only mk's wife was kind enough to comment on. Poor underapprecaited Nabokov:

31. Did you know that prior to the introduction of the hubwheel as a voting mechanism, we had only up-votes?

32. Did you know that mk and I were once interviewed on NPR's Michigan Radio regarding Hubski? Did you know that we will soon be interviewed there again for our business Forever Labs?


33. Did you know that it's always fun to listen to the Ramones?

34. Did you know that the only person to recognize the monumental moment of our 1000th post was Hubski's native son steve

35. Did you know that ButterflyEffect is a radio man and has great music taste?

36. Did you know that I wrote and recorded a song for my daughter tonight? I like it:

37. Finally, Did you know that I love you all? Thanks for making this place special. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Sing loudly.



Did you know that my daughter would lose count at 28?

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