As a child, I didn't get to learn about many things people take for granted. I only started brushing my teeth regularly, twice a day, about two years ago - not because of some message about dental hygiene someone told me at school or at home, but because it felt nice and I didn't want to smell like a damn trashcan. Crazy, I know. My teeth are fine, and I'm making sure they stay that way now.

I didn't get to learn a lot of things as a child. It's time I find some of them out.

Why should one make their bed?

How often should one wash themselves? I do it relatively regularly, depending on how hard I sweat, with the intervals of three to five days. I do take a shower every morning and well as after running. Is washing oneself best done with hot, cold or average temperature of water?

How often should one wash the floor and/or vacuum?

Is it really necessary to iron things after washing them? They seem fine if hanged properly (about their shape - e.g., using shoulder hangers).

How does one pay taxes? What are the steps? What's necessary to keep in mind while doing so? I've never encountered any, since my parents pay have payed for me so far.

How does one play with their children? What are appropriate games for different age groups, and what their supposed result should be? I've never seen parents play with their children, don't remember being played with either.

What do young children need, in general? How often do they need to be touched (hugged, patted etc.)? told what to do? checked up upon?

What's the appropriate behavior around and about a person you like, supposing I want to be good to them? How often is it appropriate to check up on them and ask them of their well-being, in general (I realize that people are different)? What are the best ways to do so (what to say, how to say it etc.)?

How does one act on a job interview? How much initiative is required and appropriate, supposing I like the job? What should I know about the ways people act around hiring others (for example, when they say "We'll call you" and don't)?

How respectful it is to greet a recently-met person in their native language if one doesn't speak the language properly or at all?

This is all I'd like to know so far. Feel free to tell me anything else I should known as an adult that I should've learned as a child.


I should elaborate more on this. I found this book very helpful in overcoming some of my own issues and I'm pretty sure you would find it helpful too. My parents taught me very little and I'm honestly thankful for that. When my mom tried to teach me how to tie my shoes it started with her freaking out that I didn't know how to already and then angrily showing me how in a hurry. That memory is burned into my brain and if they tried to teach me more I would probably be more fucked up. That's not too say they didn't get it right a few times but that doesn't really make up for the rest.

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