Howdy Hubski,

I'd like to think of myself as knowing more than the average bear when it comes to tech, but I know I'm out of my league when it comes to customizations. Consequently, I've bee afraid to make the jump with any of my devices.

Today, I inherited an 8GB Samsung tab 2 7.0. This little train that could is from 2012, and quite a bit outdated in software along with comparably slow. A bit of talk about switching OS with jFive in IRC got me thinking, why not try it with the tablet - this would be a perfect playing ground to get my feet in the water. The hope is to start here, then once I'm comfortably in-the-know, get one on my phone (Galaxy S7), and ultimately my laptop (Macbook Pro from '14) - thankfully I have a bit to look into here with the talk of Mint and Debian recently.

So, I've been doing a small bit of reading up here and wanted y'all's opinion for the tab (later phone) figuring we a few that've dabbled in the world of custom ROMs here. Things to look out for? Recommendations? ROMs to steer clear of? Based on the article, I'm currently looking more into PAC-ROM and CyanogenMod. The latter of the two I vaguely remember playing around with a long time ago.


I bought a OnePlus One with Cyanogenmod on it. Then CM wrote two deals that ended up boning OnePlus out of India. Then CM rolled out that wretched mess with TrueCaller and I had to jailbreak and root my phone just to run Oxygen on it. That was a four day process and all of it sucked.

Then I borrowed a friend's Nexus 6 and rooted it and jailbroke it just to install Adblock and you know what? You have to do this terminal bullshit like every other week just to get updates and it's a total grind. Right now the thing is stuck in limbo because once you jailbreak a Nexus it's a royal pain to get it back to the land of the living.

I like having adblock. a lot. I like having non-melted-jelly-bean emojis. But OTAs are handy. And TrueCaller is a dog. It basically rendered my phone incapable of... making calls. Or answering them. Which may not be important to you, but matters to me.

Prepare to spend a lot of time simply getting to functionality. Custom ROMs are like Hackintoshes - yeah, you can roll with them but anybody who tells you the experience is identical to stock is lying to you.

posted by kantos: 1036 days ago