I'm typing this rant on my phone. Why? Causey computer crashed. Here's what just happened.

Yesterday I decided to give Ubuntu 16.04 a shot after using Mint for the past three years. Today I decided to re-download my Linux Compatible games from Good Old Games and install them. For some reason, I'm not having any success even though I'm following the instructions on GoG's forum. Whatever. It's fine. Dinner is ready and this shit can wait.

I'm about ready to head to the kitchen when I realize that my computer is working its ass off to do literally nothing. Figuring it's Firefox, the only program that's running, I try to just close it. Nothing. After a minute or so, I hit Alt+F2. Then I wait two minutes for the command prompt to come up. Then I type "xkill" and wait another three or four minutes for the option to come up. I select it, wait another minute, and finally my cursor turns into the little white X of death. So I try to close Firefox, but clicking the icon in the task bar. Does it kill Firefox. Yes. It also kills the entire fucking GUI, because all that's on screen now is my wallpaper and my computer is still running at full steam.


I do the only thing I can do. I turn it off and get myself some dinner. Fuck Ubuntu. I'd rather go back to Windows 3.1 than use this. Fucking shit.

This goulash is amazing though.


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