I largely agree with this commentary/rant. The fourth estate is in bed with neoliberals, and most institutions and elites are neoliberal at the end of the day.

Systems created to improve our livelihood abstract us into data, and then get bent into something dysfunctional. As an example, my workplace monitors my internet usage; I can't install a new font without permission from IT, and every year, I am asked to complete a slew of tests that include questions such as "How should you walk on a wet floor?" I have to do meaningless goal setting every six months, which includes rating myself 1-5 on 'radical growth' and a productivity report every year. I have a fucking PhD.

I had a pal in consulting that shared this observation with me: When you start a business, profit that goes to you and your employees is success. However, at some point, your employees' salaries move to the other side of the line and become a liability, limiting these salaries becomes a success.

We have moved to the other side of the line in many many ways. We are liabilities of a system, not assets.

posted by rrrrr: 1083 days ago