Dweezil is doing a lot more to keep Frank's music alive than any of the others.

“It’s a rediscovery, for me, of Frank, because I lost him so young,” 43 year old Ahmet says. " Ahmet says his resume makes him uniquely suited to run the trust. Further resume here.

Of Gail, Frank said: "She’s a mean little sucker. She's an excellent boss’ wife. Everybody knows that Gail is the boss’ wife.”

Gail divided the kids’ share of the trust so that Ahmet and Diva each received 30% and Moon and Dweezil got 20% each.

Ahmet claims his "hands are tied" as far as the operation or division of the trust are concerned but the terms allegedly also contain a “prudent person clause” that gives Ahmet the ability to change the terms of the trust, including a redistribution of control or the terms of licencing to vary merch revenue.

Long article about this shitty situation in the LA Times today.

posted 1343 days ago