I seriously, seriously recommend anyone watch this.

Further listening: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/undertheinfluence/achilles-heel-advertising-repositioning-the-competition-1.3473631

indeed, basically anything from that show. "Under the Influence" taught me a lot about how people try to convince other people to do things for them.


so... I do a little video editing on the side.... and it always amazes me how people are MESMERIZED by the simplest things. Give me a folder full of family photos and your favorite song - boom! You've got this three minute montage that brings tears to their eyes. If you put a title on it, or ANY kind of special effects or transitions at all - and they think you're Steven Spielberg.

The human eye/ear/mind relationship is a funny thing.

posted by coffeesp00ns: 1036 days ago