A horribly tragic way to go.


Ok, this whole "he ran over himself" thing seemed really weird to me.

Then I found out that his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a part of the recall due to its "unconventional shifter" and the number of times the vehicle has rolled away unexpectedly from owners.

I finally found this article that explains the shifter weirdness - on Jalopnik, unfortunately - but it made me go WHAT THE FUCK?!? when I saw how the shifter works.

This seems like one of those half-baked ideas that an engineer comes up with, and then people stand around and go, "Really Bruce? You really want to put multiple core functions into a single control, and indicate the selected function with nothing more than an LED?!? Geez man... go back to designing wiring circuits and leave the UX to us."

This is just terrible, terrible design, and I can see how you could jump out of your Grand Cherokee and accidentally run yourself over. In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't happened more.

posted by psychoticmilkman: 1068 days ago