Hey Hubski!

I created /r/AskOuija after being inspired by "letter threads" I would see around Reddit. Someone would comment with "F" (as part of a meme) and other people would comment other letters, forming a word. Sometimes they were quite amusing, like when people would spell out FUNKYTOWN. This kind of collaboration really interests me, so I decided to create a subreddit for it.

It's only been a month and a half but the reception has been encouraging. People started ending sequences with "Goodbye" (a word found on many Ouija boards) and I realized it was very useful as a sequence terminator. I ended up writing a script that would crawl Ouija threads and flair those with a "goodbye" that had a high enough score (the threshold is currently 4).

It's been a fun experiment so far and I wanted to share it with the Hubski community. Hope some of you find it as interesting as I do!


That header creeps me out. Not in a bad way since it's supposed to be a ouija board.

It looks like the kind of collaboration where everyone contributes a word to a story but with less commitment. (After I wrote that, I realized that your sidebar points to a sub like that) It looks fun.

Thanks for sharing.

What will you do if the same person went into every thread trying to mess up the word with a difficult letter like X or Z?

posted by tacobellscannon: 1005 days ago