Many people will ask if this is related to r/the_donald. The short answer is no, we have been working on this change for a while, but I cannot deny their behavior hastened its deployment.


I was just pondering whether I should post a thread on this topic. I'm interested in hearing what others here have to say about it.

I'm not all that versed in Reddit, but I think it's a good change. At least it's responsive to the issues that they just experienced.

I thought this was interesting and related to this site. Someone asked about filtering and blocking, then deleted their account and their comment, so it's difficult to know what spez is answering, but here's his answer.

    Yes, we'll expose filtering to everyone in the near future.

    In your mind, what's the difference between filtering and blocking?

I'm not exactly sure what spez (Steven Huffman) means by filtering, but that looks like an interesting development also.

That brought up a question for me. If Reddit used a similar filtering and blocking system as Hubski, would it work?

posted by ThatFanficGuy: 1073 days ago